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Are my shoes worth resoling?

If the shoe is structurally sound other than the worn out rubber in question, then most likely yes, spending money on a resole rather than replacement will be money well spent.

How much does it cost to resole? See Repair / Pricing Form on this site.

Only my shoe’s rand has a hole in it, can i just replace the rand?

No. The rand rubber tucks underneath the bottom sole rubber of the shoe, so to replace it, the bottom sole rubber needs to be removed and replaced as well.

My rand rubber doesn’t have holes in it, should I hold off on replacing it, and just have the half soles done?

It Depends. The short answer might be: replace the rands (sides and top of front of shoe) if they are more than half way worn out. Stick one hand inside your shoe and feel around to get a sense if any of the rand rubber is at all worn thin. Keep in mind, rand rubber is manufactured to be roughly 2/3 thinner than bottom sole rubber. While it is thinner and more flexible than a shoe’s bottom sole, there should not be irregularities in how it feels to the touch. If some areas feel soft and flexible to your fingers (typically near the big toe(s), and others more rigid (typically near the pinky toe), the soft flexible areas are most likely worn thin and close to a blow-out. PLEASE INCLUDE PAYMENT FOR RAND WORK IF THIS IS THE CASE! 80% OF SHOES SENT IN NEED RAND WORK, BUT NOT ALL CUSTOMERS HAVE INCLUDED PAYMENT FOR THIS WORK TO BE DONE :(

In addition to wearing through the rubber, I’ve worn a hole in the shoe material underneath. Can I still resole?

Holy shit. How bad is it? If the leather or whatever is down there has a wear hole, as opposed to a tear, then a needle and thread won’t do much good. A small hole won’t generally get too much in the way of a resole, but a big gaping Yawn? (my favorite tuollome route) What? You did Half Dome in these shoes like a hundred years ago and retiring them might mean that you’re next! Then by all means, send them over and I’ll see what I can do to keep them, and you, going. If stitching will fix the problem, you might consider throwing in a few extra bucks to pay for my arthritis medication in 20 years :)



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